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Ragamuffin Red
Hello Yellow
Blafou Blue
Willy Nilly White
Bamboozled Black
After Gloss

Explore your makeup artistry with OPAKES Cosmetic Paints! Deliver intense or diffused colour to the face or body. Use them solo or mix with other OPAKES to create custom colours. Don’t stop there! Pair with SUVA Beauty’s UV BOOST Mixing Medium for that extra fire under UV light, or AFTER GLOSS Eye and Lip Gloss for the glossy finish.

Key Features:

・Opaque pigmentation

・Water resistant

・Creamy formula

・A little product goes a long way!

How to Use:
・Before each use, massage the tube and shake well
・Squeeze a small amount of OPAKES on a clean palette
・Use a brush or your fingers to apply OPAKES to the lips, eyes, cheeks, or body
・Mix OPAKES together to create custom colors
・Take it up a notch! Use SUVA Beauty’s UV BOOST Mixing Medium to add blacklight glow to your looks, or finish your looks with AFTER GLOSS Eye and Lip Gloss

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