We can't wait to GLOW like JLO with INGLOT! | Get Dollied News | Brand News

Apr 06 , 2018

We can't wait to GLOW like JLO with INGLOT! | Get Dollied News | Brand News

If you haven't heard by now than you must be excercising your will power and seeing how long you can go without the Internet, because JLo and INGLOT have announced a collaboration!

The news broke yesterday in the wee early hours of the morning when INGLOTs around the world posted three images sequentially on their Instagrams. Subtle. Endearing. EXPLOSIVE.

The beauty world is in a frenzy. Understandably so: Jennifer Lopez is a go-to figure in the beauty industry. She goes hand-in-hand with beauty terms such as "glow", "gorgeous", "goddess", "QUEEN" -- maybe more than just beauty terms, now that we think about it.

According to the INGLOT press release, the capsule collection will feature over 70 pieces. 

Ms. Lopez herself stated:

“The capsule collection we created with Inglot is filled with all my go-to products in my favorite colors. We have everything from mascara, lipsticks, eyelashes, blush, eye shadow and of course...bronzers. What I think is unique and exciting is our Freedom System Palette — which allows you to create your own personalized palette with the specific colors and products that you need. Now you no longer have to buy that 5-piece eyeshadow kit to get the one color you really want!”

'Of course...bronzers', she says! FINALLY! Now we can all be the glowing goddesses we deserve to be.

We can only guess as to what the shade range will be, but if there isn't some golden glow-y hues and nude lipsticks, we'll rename ourselves Aunt Carol's Homemade Coleslaw.net. (No offense, Aunt Carol. You da' bomb.)

The collection is set to release later this month (!!), and even has it's own dedicated website, jenniferlopezinglot.com. BRB, staring at the countdown timer for the next 19 Days, 12 hours, 59 minutes, and 10 seconds. 9 seconds. 8 seconds. 7....


The collection will release on April 26th, 2018 on jennigerlopezinglot.com and inglotcosmetics.ca. In the meantime, to shop for INGLOT on Get Dollied, click here!


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